Tigers & Best Friends Reunion Laughlin, NV.
The unknown Foursome
Left to right: Unknown, Frank Cucia, Jerry Hendon, Ron Eoff
Left to right: Carl Skvarna, unknown, unknown
Left to right: Bill Dickson, unknown, Chuck Giordano
Left to right: unknown, Bob Hargis, Gail Tracy, Vern Kerr
Chuck Giordano
And the Winners are unknow to me
Left to right: unknown, Frank Cucia, Ron Eoff, Jerry Hendon
Left to right: Bill Dickson, unknown, Chuck Girodano
Dick and Nancy Sabo
Your Host and Hostess in the Hospitality Suite at Aquarius
Casino & Hotel
Hospitality Suite at Aquarius Casino & Hotel
Lunch and Line Dancing at the Old Town Saloon
Nancy Sabo
Middle back: Jo (Duncan) Nohre, Marianne McClure, Dale Nohre,
Michael McClure
Jo (Duncan) Nohre, Michael McClure
Jo (Duncan) Nohre
The Mik Mehas Memorial Croquet Bash at Laughlin Ranch
Country Club
The 2019 Players
The Officials
Top left: Bill Dickson, top right: Gary Williams, bottom: Mike Bryan
The Winners and Losers
Getting Ready
Doug Marr and Jim Moore supervise Mr Hammer Herron
Bill Dickson applies the finishing touchs
Kathy Bryan prepares the leader board
Some of the Stand Out Players
Bill Herron Demonstrates the Herron Squat shot
The Hunters vs the Modesto Magic
Vicky Herron and Jim Moore vs Tom & Suzy Lindley
Miller Time vs Wild Turkeys
Bill Dickson & Chuck Gioradano vs Mike & Marianne
McClure (M&M)
Bob Hargis makes new Friends
Left to right; 3rd place Bill Dickson & Chuck Gioradano, 1st place Team Malotte
Cardin, 2nd place Bill Herron & Doug Marr (Still Upright)
Team Hendon Torrence getting in some practice before match
The Etiwanda Duo (Gary & Emma Williams) vs Team
Hendon Torrence
Team Malotte Cardin vs Still Standing
The Classes of the TBF's Reunion
The class of 1961
Erma (Lyman) Williams & Chuck
Bill Dickson, Mike Bryan & Darryl Malotte
The Class of 1963
Class of 1958
The Class of 1957
The Class of 1954
Pat Grabowshi
The Class of 1955
Ed Teal
Dick Sabo
The Class of 1956
George Cardin
Bud Estrin
Jerry Hendon
Jim Davidson & SaraJane (Swim Wallace) Davidson
Nancy Sabo
Carol (Bissitt) Willaims
John Low
Daryl Hunter
Suzy (Martin) Lindley
Bruce Nichols & Diane (Townley) Nichols
Class of 1959
Sharon (Chez) Salcido
Left to right: Dee McFadden, Jim Moore, Jim Lyman, Doug Marr, Reg Pruitt, George McCormick, Bob Hargis,
Jo (Duncan) Nohre, Pat McLaughlin, Vern Kerr, Mike McClure, Gail Tracy & Bill Herron
Mike Barnes & Jayne (Eyre)
Ron Eoff
Jim Dugan
Tom Francis
John Hall
Larry Miller & Jeanie (Acosta) Miller
John Sprinkel
Roger Delozier
Shawna (Bosshardt) Lyman & Nancy (Phelps) Tracy
The Class of 1966
Nancy (Helms) Hoffert & Judy (Helms) Gillette