Chaffey High School Class of 1961
Reunion Committee Members.
Jayne Eyre Stephenson and Reggie Pruitt
Co-Chair Persons
40th and 45th Reunion Committee Members
(Left to right) Ron Eoff, Gail Tracy, Lloyd Scharf, Jayne Eyre
Stephenson, Reggie Pruitt, Jane Ross Tangeman, (standing)
Henry Mendoza
(Not shown) Linda Pritchett Beringer and Sandy Piroli Kallgren
50th Reunion Committee Members Reggie Pruitt,  
Jayne Eyre Stephenson, Gail Tracy, Alana Scott,
and Linda Pritchett Beringer.  Our first "official"
reunion meeting, August 29, 2009.  
The Committee Members have stayed in close
contact since our 45th Reunion and have been
working hard to locate classmates on the "Missing
List".  Updating the classmate data base is our top
The Chaffey High School Class of 1961 "50th" Reunion  
Committee held it's second meeting at Reggie Pruitt's
home on May 1, 2010.
Attending (left to right); George McCormick,
Mary Ann McCormick, Reg Pruitt, Alana Scott, Linda
Pritchett Beringer, Michael Stenstrom, Jane Ross
Tangeman (seated), Jan Jacobs Hammon, Gail Tracy,
Jayne Eyre Stephenson, Ron Eoff.       


"TFB is an acronym for Torques, Buzzards and Friends.  

The Torques and Buzzards were two car clubs on the Chaffey campus in the mid 1950's.  About 22
years ago, members of the two clubs started meeting in Laughlin, Nevada one weekend every year for
golf, croquet and general merriment.

Since that time married couples and others have joined the group, therefore the word "Friends" was
added to the group name so the group was renamed TBF."  

Not surprising a lot, I mean "a lot", of 1961 classmates are now part of the weekend get away,  hence
the group is now named TIGERS AND BEST FRIENDS...!!!!! aka (TBF's)  Oh, my gosh, it is so much
fun.  We have met at one of the many hotel casinos in great downtown Laughlin and enjoyed two or
three days together visiting in a hospitality suite, cheering croquet teams, being part of the golf
tournament, getting together for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.  Also, you can go shopping at the
nearby mall, meet for a meal or a drink, gamble, and just enjoying each other's company and share
those wonderful memories of another time.  We do usually meet for dinner one night at one of the
great eateries there.  It's very casual.  You come and go as you wish.

It's like an annual mini group reunion with classmates from the 1950s and 1960s.  All classes are
encouraged to join in the festivities.  Tell a friend!! There is an actual committee who contracts with
the various hotels to get special rates for us. Reggie is our go-to guy who is the "Main Man".  What
can I say other than it's terrific!!!  The next TIGERS and BEST FRIENDS get together is:

Date:         April 2020, event canceled due to CORONAVIRUS Outbreak.   
Place:        Laughlin , NV
Check In:  More information will be available at a later date.
When Reggie and I assumed the responsibilities of being Co-Chairs for the Class of 1961
reunion planning, Peggy, who may not have been an authentic Chaffey Tiger, she was
none the less a tiger when wanting to be part of the Chaffey High School Class of 1961
Reunion Planning Committee.  

Since I was living in Arizona Peggy started going through any high school information
Reggie had accumulated over the years and I did the same with my history collection.  
Whether I made trips to Upland or Peggy made trips to Surprise every get together was
wholly focused on the research each of us had and how we could combine and create.

Therefore, the numerous phone calls, emails, hours, days and months were spent in
wonderful searches contacting classmates, listening to meaningful memories, searching
for “lost” classmates, creating member lists that included current addresses, phone
numbers, email addresses, etc.  This is when Gail Tracy offered to become our official
keeper of all those files, hence our web site.  

Peggy was a committed and dedicated hard worker to make sure all the “i’s” were dotted
and the “t’s” crossed.  She was a meticulous record keeper of all the information that was
sent to us from various classmates.  Then Reggie, Peggy and I met with various hotel
event planners and we inspected the venues to see if they met our expectations.

Once that was accomplished Peggy created the Save The Date cards, then mailed the
reservation forms and when the money started comping in, Peggy kept meticulous books
and over saw our financial status.

Next was all decorations, menu planning, entertainment, creating the Memory books, job
assignments, etc., something we enjoyed so much.

The end result…no one enjoyed seeing the fruits of our Labor of Love more than Peggy.  
She will be missed more than words can say.  
A Tribute to Peggy Pruitt a Tiger in Spirit
By Jayne Eyre Stephenson
Whether our committee meetings were held at Reggie
and Peggy’s Pruitt Construction office or at their
home, Peggy was instrumental in coordinating the
meeting and making sure we all had any tools we
might need at our disposal including all the food and
drink necessary to get this all together.  

When we started searching for any information
regarding previous reunions, it became apparent we
had a lot of work to do.  Therefore, while Reggie was
busy building custom homes, Peggy and I began our
diligent effort to gather any reunion memorabilia we
could possibly find.  Thus, began what we lovingly
referred to as our Labor of Love.  
Peggy Lee Pruitt
1944 - 2020