Marva Bledsoe Rhubottom
Marva Bledsoe 1961

Left our class of ’61 to attend Cal Berkeley (Go Bears!)
graduating in 1965 with a degree in Criminology.  In
1976, I received a law degree from LaSalle University.  

Spent some time doing social work and then in 1980
took over the helm of Women’s Resource Center, North
San Diego County’s domestic violence and rape crisis
center, as CEO.

I continue to love my job and the important work the
agency does for victims and their children.
Marva Bledsoe Rhubottom 2011
I am married to Ray Rhubottom and between us
with have three children, three granddaughters
(ages 7, 7 and 18 months) and three grandsons
(ages 9, 7 and 4).

Marva Bledsoe Rhubottom