Gregory Fry
Greg Fry 1961
Greg Fry 2011
After graduation from Chaffey High School:

BA - Cal State Long Beach, MA- Special education at Central
Washington Univ.

Military, USN 1965-1968.

Started teaching in Ontario 1969-1972. Moved to Goldendale,
WA and taught Elem. Sch.1972-1976.  Moved to Walla Walla
in 1977 and taught there until 1998.

Have been a High School teacher in Walla Walla, Washington
from 1977 until my retirement in 1998.  

Taught 6 more years at Jubilee Youth Ranch for troubled
young men.

Since then I have had several part time classes at the middle
school level and at the community college as well as substitute
teaching at the Juvinile Justice Center.
Last Winter I became a Level 1 ski
instructor at our local ski area.

Most importantly, Pat and I remain
servants of our Lord.