Ron Harvel
Ron Harvel 1961
Got my BSIE from Cal Poly in 1966 and later my
Professional Engineering License (PE).  Worked for 10
years at several divisions of American Hospital developing
cardiovascular and diagnostic products.  

Started my own medical company in 1980 developing
surgical and opthalmic products for cataract surgery.  

Sold the business to Allergan Pharmaceuticals and remained
as executive VP until I retired in 1986.  
We bought a ranch in Eugene, Oregon to live a more relaxed lifestyle.  My wife, Nancy, and I
have been married for 41 years with 4 children and 6 grandchildren.  We spend our time now
going to grandkid activities, playing bridge, collecting art and going to our little cottage at the coast
and just getting older.  

It doesn't seem like 50 years ago we were taking chemistry from Mr. Fleming or geometry with
Mr. Cousins.  

Hope to see a lot of old friends at the reunion.  I'm sure a lot of interesting stuff has happened
over the years.