Nickie (Eckard) Colvin)
Nickie Eckard 1961
Nickie (Eckard) Colvin 2016
    Married a career navy man, had 2 kids and
traveled a lot.  Spent 18 months in the Philippines
and did some traveling there also.

   By the time Ron and I decided to go our
separate ways, we were in Florida.  With 2
teenagers I saw no reason to uproot their lives so
I made a life for myself here.  I had become a
member of Al-Anon before my marriage ended
and have worked in Chemical Addiction
Rehabilitation for over 37 years.   
   Currently I work with an "Empowering
Women Program" with female inmates, which
provides Addiction Treatment and an opportunity
to earn their GED's.  
   My favorite place to hang out is the local
Comedy Zone where I have a membership
and once a month I can get as many people
as I want in free, and have had as many as
27 friends attend.  

   Also spend a lot of time doing "church
stuff" and still trying to "make a joyful
noise" in the choir.

   I hope everyone that attends the reunion
has a great time, and please take lots of
pictures to share.

Nickie (Eckard) Colvin