Patti Dulisse Snyder
Patti Dulisse 1961
I attended Chaffey College after  graduation.  I didn't get my
degree BUT I did get married to Ernie Snyder and we
moved to Santa Barbara.  We lived there 12 years and had
three sons there.  Tim, Todd and John all young men now.  
We decided to move to Oregon in Jan. 1974.  First to
Medford and then to Klamath Falls.

Love it here and it was a great place to raise children.
I was able to be a stay at home mom.  Took classes and did
a lot of volunteer work.  

Happily retired now....Love to travel and see new place, or
just hang out doing whatever.  

We have 7 grandchildren.  Four of them are in college.  One
in Texas (Brandon) Sarah is in Wyoming, MacKenzie and
Devon are in Central Point.  Mollie is in 8th grade and
Malyssa and Emily are both in 6th grade.  

Life is GOOD!!!!!!

Patti Dulisse Snyder