Roxana Sutherland Smith
Roxana Sutherland 1961
Roxana Sutherland Smith 2011
Howdy Y'all,

That's the official greeting from Texas which is where I have
spent the past 38 years.  I married in Ontario in 1964.  My
husband was a native of Galveston and in 1973, we sold our
home, packed up, and moved to Texas with our two daughters.  
We later added two sons to our family.  

We were married for 43 years until my husband passed away in

After graduation, I worked as a secretary off and on, the last 11
years that I worked commuted 50 miles each day to Houston
until I retired in 2008.

I live in Lake Jackson, Texas which is what I would call a
semi-rural area.  We are 10 miles inland from the Gulf of
Mexico and one of the larger cities in this area with a population
of 26,000.
Now I enjoy having time to do
whatever takes my fancy.  I love
to read, sew, crochet, garden and
spend time with my two

Although I missed going to the
50th reunion, would enjoy
hearing from former classmates.

Roxana Sutherland Smith